Werwei V 8

VEV-8 have developed a new menu, personalized design and operation of small size, makes it easy for you to use. And a collection of the latest simulation technology introduced with a digital LCD display and keyboard in the high-end multi-functional handheld walkie-talkie. A total of 128 channels can fully meet user demand for packet scheduling.
Channel 128, 8-to-call group, VOX hands-free features, high / medium / low-power options, low-voltage alarm function, Power-on password protection, CTCSS / DCS, set menu, LCD display, scan, FM radio functions.
Random allocation
Rubber antenna, lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries seat, power transformers, folder belt, sling, Manual.
Hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, property, supermarkets, logistics, outdoor sports, government agencies, public security, armed forces, etc.